Monday, July 2, 2007

My Address and The Shower Situation

This will be a quick blog because I'm headed to my first class in about twenty minutes and I would like to do some reading prior to heading off into the mist and over to Corpus Christi College, where they will be holding my first session of Literary Makings of the Modern Self. I haven't been to the college yet but you'll get a taste of what it looks like below.

Some of you have asked about my address at Trinity College and you'll be happy to know that it's actually simple enough to memorize easily. The address is as follows:

Lauren Proctor - UMass Summer Session
Trinity College
Broad Street
Oxford, OX1 3BH

I'll be checking my post office box daily as I pass by the porter before leaving the campus grounds.

And now for the highlights from last night. Everyone knows I love long, steamy showers. It's nearly impossible to get me out. Last night, as I prepared myself for a long, hot and mentally relaxing shower I had a horrible realization. The shower water, regardless of how much fiddling I tried, does not get warm. We're not talking tepid here either. This was "Oh my goodness my hands are starting to turn blue and I might as well not even try to shave my legs because my goosebumps are so bad right now" water. I managed to arrange a situation where my scrubbing would take place next to the water. Then when I needed to rinse I'd run quickly through both ways before returning to safety beside the water. I'm up for rolling with the punches but six weeks of frigid showers--that's one thing I'm not so sure about. I don't care what I have to do though, I will make this work. Nothing can put a kink in this trip. Whether it's turning freezing cold showers that make your hair stand on end into a fun and challenging game or making friends with a chef who will allow me to boil a pan of hot water prior to showers, I shall conquer the cold water problem.

On that note I'd best get to reading. Perhaps if I read enough Shakespeare and architecture books it will make me intelligent enough to find a solution to my shower troubles. Perhaps. Until then I remain...

Out and about until the next update. Enjoy!