Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nicotine Crust and Suicide Squirrels

Part Uno

I couldn't tell you exactly what does it or how, but Uno's Pizza has incredible crust. Usually I'm all about jalepeno, pepperoni, and pineapple sprinkled over a fine layer of cheese and sauce, but when it comes to Uno's it's all about the reward at the end. Never has a handle seemed so savory.

Biting into Uno's pizza crust is like enjoying a flaky pastry laced with nicotine. It's so heavy and filling (and probably so caloric), but so excellent. That being said, I've stocked up on the Uno's two for one deals and I'm legitimately addicted. It's nice to save a little money and eat Uno's at home but nothing beats the soda they serve at the restaurant (which somehow tastes better than regular soda...probably nicotine again) and the Holyoke Uno's proximity to the Apple store (where I can gaze upon the Apple iphone and ipod).

Part Two

Today was hill sprints day for the University of Massachusetts softball squad. We arrived while it was still dark and completed a warm up run before splitting off into two groups (the fast runners and the power hitters euphemistically speaking). Then we set into hill sprints as the sun rose in the gray, cloudy sky. It had been raining so the path where we run is a little slippery, and one leaf even served as a banana peel at one point, causing me to lose my footing a bit. All that aside though, the highlight of conditioning were the Suicide Squirrels.

Our team was on our last uphill climb, and the first group was huffing and puffing to reach the top at a 22 second clip. Suddenly, three squirrels came barreling through the path. They scurried back and forth, unsure of where to go. The team started shrieking and the squirrels were unscathed. Bailey, in an attempt to explain the squirrels' possible reason for crossing in front of a large group of people sprinting up a hill, said they must have been attempting suicide. Fortunately for us, the suicide squirrels were unsuccessful in their mission. Unfortunately on the other hand, we will surely have to see that same hill next Wednesday on hill sprint day.

And before I leave you I want to share my currently musical affinity: Ghostland Observatory