Sunday, February 10, 2008

Clandenstine Talks: Edwards, Obama, and Clinton

For most Democrats the Clinton Obama decision is one of those tough moral and ethical questions. Would you save your four immediate family members if you know you would cause 50 deaths, or do you save 46 lives and watch your family die? Fortunately, the only deadly choice is Republican (Oops, sorry my conservative colleagues), but from the looks of things it seems like Edwards is having as much trouble deciding to who endorse as the average Democrat.

Edwards met with Clinton secretly on Chapel Hill and rumor has it that he's scheduled to meet at the same place with Obama on Monday. People have asked Edward's wife about her opinion of the meetings and it sounds like she's being about as secret as everyone else. Clinton sneaked into Edward's house undetected by the media, and now everyone is feverishly guessing who the poverty fighting Edwards will endorse. Whatever the case, I wonder what the two candidates think. What's Edward's plan? Perhaps Monday will reveal more, but for now it sounds like we'll have to play a little Clue with Edwards, Obama, and Clinton. Will it be Edwards with Obama in the library, or Edwards with Clinton in the drawing room? Your guess is as good as mine.

Instead of offering a campaign song for your listening pleasure (as is extremely tempting) I'll send one of my favorite pop songs in your direction. Check out Sara Bareilles. Her current hit is "Love Song" so if you haven't heard it yet then check it out below. This isn't the official video because Sony BMG has requested bloggers like myself refrain from reposting the video, but here's the song itself.