Friday, August 22, 2008

Stay Bright New York

Random Musing: New York radiates so bright that it's almost impossible to pick out a star if you look up at the Manhattan sky in the dead of night. Sometimes I miss getting lost in the constellations, but every time I step off the train about midnight with a book in hand, I appreciate New York's light. There are few places where I could read on the streets at two am without a portable light source. New York is one of those places though, and I'm loving every word.


Cool like Juno's Paulie Bleeker or argyle sweater vests with crisp shirts and double windsor knotted ties, Noah and the Whale is enchanting and totally nerdy in a good way. You've got to love a ukulele wielding band that describes love as "Two items in a molecule, inseparably combined" (see "Two Bodies, One Heart" below). If anybody will take you tiptoeing through the tulips it'll be Noah and the Whale in tracks like "Five Years Time." In more serious songs lead singer Charlie Fink sings from deep in his stomach, producing a voice that groans in a Chris Martin from Coldplay sort of way.

"Five Years Time"

"Two Bodies, One Heart"

Live Performance of "Mary"