Friday, September 26, 2008

Law and Order

I'm not entirely sure what this implies about my place of residence, but a week or so back there were signs up demanding no one park along the street where I live.  When I took a moment to finally read the scribbled writing explaining why no one would be allowed to park in a neighborhood where spaces are like blocks of gold, I realized that the length around my house needed to be completely cleared off so that they could use our peaceful street for the backdrop of Law and Order.

It's one thing to say that your apartment has been used for the set of Gossip Girl or Fraser.  After all, those are shows of class and status.  Touting your neighborhood as a scene for Law and Order though, is an entirely different matter.  I can just picture someone pacing down Monroe Street and flipping open their mobile to say, "Oh James, I found the perfect spot. It's safe enough for us to film but it looks like the perfect scene for a crime, just the type of slum looking scene we need."

The call to James was apparently made and now the rest is history.  My walk home from the subway was especially dramatic the night they filmed.  Spotlights were shining on the neighbors' building and my shadows were stretched long as bright white lights spanned the entire block.  

It was drizzling that night, and the photo I took (shown above) is the view from my house.  The softball field across the street was flooded with people in panchos, cameras, and lots of light.  The real drama wasn't the light though, it was in the blaring sirens.  Apparently that's not something they add later on in the editing process.  

And so it stands.  The filming was short but the span of my neighborhood that was filmed will remain in the archives of Law and Order forever.  Slap a few more articles down about how Chinatown and the Lower East Side are the "it" neighborhoods and maybe next year we'll get Beverly Hills 90210.

Many of you have probably already heard me rave about Rilo Kiley, but the band's front woman Jenny Lewis has collaborated (yet again) with the Watson Twins. They just released their new album "Acid Tongue" and it's well worth every measure.  Check out some of the videos below and follow the links to hear these soft, poignant harmonies.

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - "Acid Tongue"

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - "You Are What You Love"

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - "Handle Me With Care" (cover)

Snippet of "Let My Love Open the Door," a cover that will show EXACTLY I wouldn't kick Jenny out of bed for eatin' crackers.