Friday, November 21, 2008

Absolutely Incredible, Absolutely Dizzying

I was introduced to this video yesterday. It immediately burned a place in my mind and now it is impacting(and will continue to impact) almost everything I do. Kristen Wiig will make you laugh, Judy Grimes will tell you how to travel cheap, and a Korean baby singing "Hey Jude" will make you melt. But if you watch only one online video this year to date, make it this one:

I won't say much because frankly I'm still speechless, but this video speaks so much to Chris Anderson's recent blog on the power of scale in Wikipedia, the acceleration of our world as spoken by Fortune Mag's article on adaptation in the business environment, the potential of computer power in the future as spoken by Wired, and just about everything else that touches our worlds and my academic studies.

I kind of feel like I just saw the best Apple product to reach stores, read a bunch of incredibly informative journalism, and crashed into a world of amazing uncertainty. I'll admit, I have goosebumps.


If you weren't blown away, check out Army Navy. They're a happy hardcore pop band. In this day and age who can really get enough uplifting guitar licks and inviting melodies? The band's new album just released so give them a listen and enjoy.


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