Sunday, November 23, 2008

People I Wouldn't Kick Out of Bed for Eating Crackers

You may or may not have noticed, but I have added a new sidebar to the Lauren Proctor 32 blog. It's called "People I Wouldn't Kick Out of Bed for Eating Crackers," and it's basically my version of People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive." There isn't any rhyme or reason to the list except that it's in alphabetical order and it's a reminder of those who motivate me daily. I suppose you could also argue that incorporating food into my recognition list is perfectly aligned with my rhyme and reason, but that's not only obvious, but also an entirely separate argument unto itself.

All said and done, I suppose you could say that The Crackers List is simply another way of saying that I am an absolute sucker for people who I perceive as being:

1. Passionate
2. Intellectual
3. Brilliant

To me nothing is more beautiful or intriguing than passionate genius. So as you indulge in my blog I hope that when you avert your eyes slightly to the right (which will hopefully happen only after you've read every word of my blog), you will smile. Those who have made The Crackers List challenge me, seduce me, and make me proud to be a part of the human race.


Marc Bianchi, the mastermind behind Her Space Holiday and also today's music pick, can eat crackers in my bed. His latest album "XOXO, Panda and the New Kid Revival" solidified his position on this list. The breadth of Her Space Holiday's music during his career is incredible, and I love unwinding with the easy, pop sound of this latest release. To add to his appeal, Bianchi repeatedly writes some of the most beautiful lyrics I've ever heard in my life.

When it comes to making simple moments sound profoundly beautiful, Her Space Holiday has you covered. Check it out and skip to his wonderful world, but listen carefully for lyrics that slyly unfold into pure brilliance.

Like Bianchi says in "The Boys and Girls," "We'll fill those tiny rooms with so much love that we'll have to sing."

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MargOH! Channing said...

I love that you think Ariana Huffington is hot...Love it!!

XO, MargOH!