Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Finales

I don't watch much TV but last Thursday the second to last episode of Ugly Betty led me straight into the two hour finale of Grey's Anatomy, and ever since I've felt an increased awareness of the fragility of life along with a dash of loss and sadness (I can't help but feel like the characters are just a little bit real). Both shows, while quite different in many ways, featured screen stealing darlings battling cancer and marriages that can't seem to wait.

The common plot lines have me curious about what the screenwriters think about each other's shows. For example, are they concerned about common stories ("Darn, they used cancer on their show too!")? Even more than that, I wonder if the finales of today are especially focused on the value of the moment and the people that surround us because of the landscape of our lives. Is the recession changing plot lines, leading us away from displays of conspicuous consumption and replacing it with a reflection of our rekindled values? Or maybe I'm crazy.

In other news while we're on the subject of television, James Parker has an excellent article in The Atlantic about the allure of Spongebob Squarepants. Check out Spongebob's Golden Dream here for a nice article about how Spongebob
is an excellent example of the embodiment of the American Dream in Bikini Bottom, a effortless setting for the portrayal of a postmodern society.


Today's music recommendation is a dose of pop electronica doused in grand sweeping statements and a lyrical fascination with the atmosphere. Check out Owl City for a sound that resembles Hellogoodbye after a discussion of string theory.

Owl City - Maybe I'm Dreaming

Owl City - The Airway