Sunday, July 5, 2009

CBS Sunday Morning

I opened my eyes slowly this morning to a slight tinge of regret. I had missed yet another CBS Sunday Morning, and not just because I slept in late after a Fourth of July packed with Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst, 40,000 fireworks shells (1,200 per minute for 26 minutes), an Apples to Apples marathon, and loads of food. It wouldn't have made much of a difference when I woke anyway, because I don't have a television or DVR. Buying one or both would probably be for the sole purpose of witnessing Charles Osgood and the crew's thought provoking journalism, but I just can't justify it. Every now and then I catch a few clips and video recaps on the CBS Sunday Morning website but I miss Osgood's narration and I want the ability to sit down and feel the comfort of watching an entire episode ceremoniously from start to finish.

I know internet television advertising isn't as profitable as traditional broadcast (which I think is twisted based on a number of reasons including the sheer volume of target demographic that is starting to actually prefer watching television online), but I know a gaggle of New Yorker reading, non TV owning people like myself who wish they had a way to catch up on Sunday Morning on their computer and after the fact. So give me Flanagan and give me Osgood. Bring me politics and show me pool prodigies. Move into multimedia, Osgood, and let's move soon. It will certainly help me wake up every Sunday morning without that haunting tinge of regret.

Until you can catch CBS Sunday Morning at least you can listen to some tunes. Check out Anya Marina. Her style varies from Karen O like boldness to quiet and silky and pure danceable. "Vertigo" has had me red in the face and dancing for weeks.

Anya Marina - "Vertigo" (This video is really quiet so the version on the link above is better, but I figured I'd add this for pure convenience.)