Sunday, August 9, 2009

Information Design Resume Draft Experiment

A couple years ago I pinned down a resume format that, at the time, felt like it would last forever. I was convinced it was perfect, but alas, it is tired. And so it's time for a remix.

Lately I've been really interested in the aesthetics of data and information design, so I decided to mess about a bit and see if I could reduce all my experience to one page while switching over to the now desired skill set resume that's supposed to be better these days since so many people are expected to go through more career changes than they used to a few years back.

My result is the file below (please note, I haven't edited it at all). I realize that it's insanely cluttered and probably too overwhelming, but it was fun to create and I personally wish resumes weren't meant to be so cut and dry by nature. I don't know that I have the chutzpah to send something so untraditional to even the most creative trend spotting or marketing firm (my proposed next career move) but it's tempting.

I'd love to get everyone's opinion and advice on how they would feel if they received a resume like this. Would it go straight to the trash or do you think you'd take a (positive) second look if I edited this and cleaned it up a bit? Also, if you have other tips or ideas for reducing clutter I'm all ears.

Thanks for your time in advance. In turn I'll give you yet another good music recommendation. Check out The Foreign Exchange, a chill out soul group that glides in and out of genre but pleases reliably.