Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Sound of Human Potential

Sometimes at night I look at the skyline and imagine all the potential resting in every window of every building.  What would it look like if it exploded, I wonder?  And would it illuminate so bright it would block out the sun?  Of course that doesn't have to do with anything, or at least I didn't think it did until last night.

I walked into a bar (don't all the best stories start that way?) and the second the door behind me swung closed I found myself catapulted into another world.  Sugary voices, fingers caressing guitar strings, and the types of drum beats that change the way your heart beats all have a way of doing that for me.

Sometimes it scares me. I stand there defenseless to the way music makes me feel and I wonder if I'll ever be that happy again in my life.  Will something ever take me in so deeply and will anything ever make me feel that same exhilarating comfort again?

That happened to me last night in the bar, and with choppy breath I wanted to find all blank spaces in all the world and fill them with "This is everything."  In thick Sharpee printed on the surface areas of my skin, splattered in paint on the walls, and written over and over again through the air with ribbons and movement. 

"This is everything" I kept repeating over the soft bass line.  "This is everything."

But all I could do was stand there, wishing I could slit my body straight down the center and let sentiment and sound flow and fill in the spaces where my blood goes.  That's when I realized something important.

That music, that stage before me, everything there represented the explosion of human potential.  This was it, the sound of light so bright it blocks out the sun.  Or maybe art like this is just everything that compliments the sun and keeps us thriving.

In some ways sharing experiences like this feels like the purpose of my life.  I want everyone to feel this, if only for a few measures or for that instant when you first lay eyes on a painting.  I don't want them to just say it, I want them to feel it fill all the blank spaces in their world.

I want it to help them realize that if you put tools in four people's hands and then place them on a stage then they can achieve anything.  After all, this is everything, and in a moments like this it all feels like a gift.

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