Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Academic Faux Pas

So I've been carrying around this big envelope with an authoritative Commonwealth of Massachusetts design on it for a couple years now. I've moved it three times and left it unopened but on my desk with a select few other items in my organizer.  You know, the vertical leather desk organizer that houses only the very major things.  The first few magazines that gave you paid bylines, a card from Mom and Dad, and an old financial statement from right before you went paperless.  Because really, where else does one store their undergraduate diploma?

For whatever reason I glanced at my diploma envelope today and realized something quite shocking. The envelope I've been carrying around had a return address of "MIT."  I went to UMass.  

The sudden discrepancy was of momentous shock to me so I ripped it open only to find an invite waiting inside, worthless now that I've missed the sign up date by two years.  A piece of junk mail that I've moved three times and glanced at (emphasis on the glanced apparently) every now and then.  I'd say the MIT invite is almost sentimental if only for the solid laughter and the "You really graduated from college?" moment it delivered.

As for my actual diploma...I've never even seen the thing.

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