Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Photo Tour

Oxford is a work of art. I haven't shown you nearly enough of the breathtaking views I've been living in over the past few weeks. So in an effort to document some sort of visual tour, I present to you, The Photo Tour.

To begin I'll show you a few photos of the Oxford skyline. These photos were taken at the top of the Sheldonian Theatre, a building designed by the famous Christopher Wren.

If you were to walk through Trinity College you would probably stumble upon some of the views below.

Here are some newcomers to Trinity College. I have a particular fondness for these guys...very bookish if I may say so myself. Jajaja

I'll leave you with that, but expect more photos soon.

Now that you're all pictured out I'll give you something to watch and listen to. Justice is releasing an album with a cross on the cover. They refuse to give the album a title, hoping that fans will create some sort of album name. And interestingly enough, just like one of the last head bobbing fun packed songs, we have a video that features t-shirts that change with the song lyrics.

Justice - "D.A.N.C.E."