Monday, July 30, 2007

The Hall

What Lauren Proctor discussion would be complete without the mention of food? So what better than to show you where we eat most of the time? Here is a photo tour of the Trinity College (dining) Hall.

This is the exterior of the hall.

Some stained glass in one of the hall windows.

A detailed painting in The Hall.
Last but not least, every Tuesday we have formal banquet dinners. Set in the style of old lords who had people over, the most important guests sit at the most elevated tables. Here are a few pictures of my friends and I at high table, as well as a few post high table festivities (when some people have changed into more comfortable clothes).

Me in the process of getting ready for one of the High Table Banquet dinners.

Further along in the getting ready process. Quite a bad shot though, I apologize.

While the dress look is certainly nice, nothing beats the power suit my parents got me for my birthday. Hopefully this suit will get me through a nice grad school interview but for now it's my favorite High Table outfit.

After formal dinners we often head down to the Trinity College Beer cellar. Most people get drinks but I have a particular fondness for darts and foos ball.
Another picture at the beer cellar, featuring friends from the program.

Lori was telling me some sort of story at Thirst. She cracks me up.
Dancing at Thirst on a Tuesday night, one of our favorite places in Oxford. I think the song was telling us to put our hands up. Some friends featured here are Emily, Smuffly, Lori, and Liz.

And just before we close, I thought I'd show you an amazing view of Trinity from the back gate entrance. For anyone who has checked out the Trinity web cam, this is an extended view of what the web cam shows. I call the part of left hand side of the U shaped building home.

Currently listening to Scissors for Lefty - "Next to Argyle" It's a great song but gets stuck in your head easily so take precautions accordingly.