Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Relaxing Sunday

There's not much to say today except that the hot water in our staircase has been lacking since Friday. I've resolved to shower in opposite staircases, which means I'll inevitably forget a change of clothes one of these times and end up strolling outside across the Trinity Courtyard in a towel. Now that's something not everyone can say they've done.

Next week we're going to discuss Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe in Literary Makings of the Modern Self so I've begun reading that. I'm also in the process of drawing the first classical building to hit Oxford University, the Sheldonian Theatre. Built in 1668, Classical Architecture took awhile to find itself in Oxford because everyone was resistant to letting go of the symbolic learned connotations of the Gothic style.

I'm off to shower. I hope the beginning of your week kicks off well.

I'm in a chill and relaxed mood today, so I'm listening to a little Anya Marina - "Not a Through Street" and Brett Dennen - "Darling Do Not Fear" in the background.