Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wedding in Progress

There is a wedding at Trinity College going on right outside my window. I thought about jumping into my formal dress quickly to snag a piece of cake, but of course that was just a fanciful thought. The wedding kicked off in the Trinity Chapel, where interestingly enough, the body of the college's founder is preserved. After the wedding itself and some socializing in the courtyard the wedding moved to the other side of the building and into where the Trinity College garden used to be. Now there's just a lawn because in the 1800s (I think that's when it was) they decided to do away with it because the garden was too French rather than English. Now the garden stands, and from my window I can hear an amazing and elegant live jazz band as well as the rumble of well dressed people mingling. Below are a couple pictures.

Just as I took this picture the band was getting up for a break.

A quick shot of part of the crowd. I love the feathered hats so many of them wear.

One more travel tip for those of you planning to go to the UK. If you're interested in assimilating with the locals on any level, be sure and buy a messenger bag. Not only is is convenient, but it's stylish for the area. It's ideal to buy the bag in the United States because everything is ridiculously expensive (I bought the cheapest market soda possible yesterday for nearly $2.00 American). I've been shopping around but can't seem to find anything in my price range. Here are my dream bags but because of their irate cost, the search continues.

Freitag, a business started by two brothers who hand-make ever accessory, has a selection of bags made entirely from recycled goods. These bags are made from the material used on the side of freight trucks and are therefore rain resistant and nearly indestructible (like a Nalgene only better). Plus, every bag is one of a kind. (Sigh.)All The Kings Men is a brand out of Australia that specializes in messenger bags made from recycled plane seatbelts. There are so many useful pockets it's incredible.

There's always more to write but I'm going to leave it at that and do some reading. Enjoy your Saturday and we'll talk again soon.

Keeping in accordance with tradition, I'm currently listening to the British indie techno infused rock group Milke - "Pleasure and Pain"


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