Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's Been So Long

Why I haven't written since mid-August is somewhat of a mystery to me. I guess now that I'm back from Oxford it doesn't seem like my life has the same mystique it once held. I started this blog to record everything related to Oxford. Now that I'm back I think it's time to find a new reason to blog.

Before I plunge into the future of let's talk about some of what has occupied me since August.

* Started classes. I'm taking the following courses:
- Magazine Writing
- American Identities (English Lit)
- Honors Dean's Book Class (We read Terror in the Name of God by Jessica Stern)
- Modern Spanish American Literature (as in 1800 and beyond)
- Honors Independent Study (I'm starting my own music website)

* Played Fall softball. Our team went undefeated this fall which is unusual for the UMass Softball franchise. It usually takes us awhile to become grounded but this year, with Coach's new approach of picking up where we left off in the Spring, we look much better than in the past. The team is positive, hardworking, and optimistic for the future. Monday marks our first day of conditioning and individuals, as well as a more rigorous weightlifting regimen.

* Somewhat related to the previous *, my parents came into town for the UMass Softball Banquet and Golf Tournament. Both events got a great turnout. I was announced captain and my parents took me to 2 Days in Paris and Pasta E Basta to celebrate.

* I'm in the process of applying for graduate school programs (all in Journalism in some sort of capacity). It's an exciting time, as well as a suspenseful one.

* On a different note, I have been dreaming about the 160 GB iPod Classic and the Apple iPhone every night for over two weeks. It's bad to be obsessed during the day, but when something material invades your dreams, you know you have problems. "The real internet" on a mobile phone, a device that serves as a Palm Pilot AND a cell phone, that beautiful touch screen, the turn by turn directions (especially applicable for the directionally challenged like myself...see I need this for my safety), all these features make my heart flutter. Then we turn to the 160 GB ipod classic. Thank you Jobs for making such a powerful device. Right now my music is strewn about between my external hard drive and laptop hard drive. But with the new ipod I could hold my constantly growing 90 GB of music in the palm of my hand. It's just as good as "the real internet" on a mobile phone. Okay, I'll stop.

Generally, that covers everything. It's crazy how we're consumed every second of the day, yet when it comes to documenting recent accomplishments there isn't much to say.

Now that you're caught up on the main run of things, let's talk about the future of this blog. I think I'll shift into a combination form blog that addresses two completely separate facets of my life.

Every so often I'll talk about softball. I'll record quotes from team meetings, talk about what it's like to play as a senior, and try to explain what it's like waking up at 5:32 am for morning conditioning. The inevitable funny stories will also make their way onto the blog.

To compliment the softball talk I'll discuss music and where I am on founding a music website. It's one of my passions so hopefully it's interesting to readers as well.

Before I close I have a random thought: How can something that tastes amazing give a person bad breath? I adore garlic, and I adore onions. But they make my breath unbearable, even to myself. Something seems amiss there.

I apologize for such a random blog entry. I suppose when you forget to write for a few months everything just comes pouring out.

As always, I'm currently listening to Office, a rambunctious, infectious pop rock group.