Monday, August 13, 2007

The Trip Home and a Review of Magdalen College

Well everyone, I made it back to Massachusetts. The trip back is much longer and more wearing than the trip over, and I already miss England, but it's nice to be home. I've been sorting through my stacks of mail, unpacking, and just generally catching up with day to day life in Amherst. But before I get into life back in Amherst, I wanted to write a little more about Oxford.

One of my favorite places in Oxford is Magdalen College. Rather than just talk about it I've got a few photos to show you why.

Magdalen happens to be the former home of C.S. Lewis. People constantly show up at the porter's lodge excited to see his former room. Now when the porter is bombarded with questions he just tells guests to look for the room with the red flowers.

This is the ceiling of the chapel in the college.

Some stained glass in the Magdalen College Chapel.

If you were a student at Magdalen you would live in that building.

Magdalen has an impressive meadow and garden. There is also a foot path about a mile around. This is part of the path near the college.

And now for my favorite part of Magdalen. The college keeps a bunch of deer and along the footpath you can see them grazing and frolicking around in the meadow. They tend to be very vocal and I particularly like watching the babies hop around.

If you ever end up in Oxford, this is the place to bring a book and enjoy.

I'm listening to yet another UK artist. Check out the lighthearted tunes of Kate Nash. You'd be keen to check her out. One of my favorite songs by Nash can be found below. I hope you enjoy it.