Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You Know Your Mom is Kewler Than You When...

It's official, my parents are kewler than I am. Almost every time I call they're swamped, and it's usually not with work. Whether they're attending some sort of dinner party or preparing to go to a friend's house, they have a more vivacious social life than I do. As a college student, this seems weird.

At first I was in denial. "Ah, even though I'm staying in tonight and listening to Van Morrison while my parents are out on the town I still have a lot of friends," I'd think. It's true, I do have amazing friends. But let's rewind to the part where I'm staying in to listen to Van Morrison. Really, I should go out more.

I've officially accepted my lack of social suavity in comparison to my immediate ancestors. In fact I've begun to embrace it. I like that most people have never heard of the bands on my ipod.

Just the other day I took a break from research to check my email. My mom had sent me a link to www.SweetskinZ.com. The site, which features great web design and cutting edge artistic bike tires that reflects at night, is really amazing. Here's a screen shot of the site's intro.

See, that's pretty awesome. But what I really want to know is how my mom found such a cool site and company. Who knows, while I'm reading The New Yorker every week with a 49 year old mean demographic she's probably taken on BMXing. My parents really could do anything, but that doesn't erase my perplexed awe.

While I'm pondering exactly how my parents passed their college aged daughter on the coolness scale, I'm listening to John Doe and Kathleen Edwards' beautiful duo "Golden State."

Actually, even though this guy is awesome he's not all that cool, but that's all right with me. If you're looking for cool you know who to seek out. There's something to be said for not being as kewl as your mom. Plus, I can replace the famous, "Your mom goes to college!" with "But my mom is kewler than yours," and I wouldn't have it any other way.