Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Before I strut out of the house in my orange shirt and black shorts I wanted to drop in to say Happy Halloween. This is my second favorite holiday behind Thanksgiving and I've already played my loud recording of ghoul sounds to get me in the spirit.

I saw on NPR that the average American has spent $64.82 for this big day, meaning consumers have spent over $5 billion on Halloween. I guess people are going to sport some pretty amazing costumes while eating barrels of candy.

In the meantime I'm spending my Halloween with the normal conditioning, weight lifting, and everything else routine. It was a special day because I got a hot apple cider and a chocolate glazed donut in the company of the Democratic Chair of Massachusetts. She's hilarious. I always leave her with a huge smile smeared across my face. Right now I'm blogging for her at and writing an occasional article elsewhere when they ask for me (aka Life is good.

Before signing off I just want to wish my Grandma Thayla a very happy birthday. Whether or not she's ever seen this blog is a mystery to me, but regardless, I wanted our blog observers to be there for her in spirit. She's truly one of the most amazing people I've ever met. So Happy Birthday Grandma!

Now for the music. My current musical tastes are pulling me toward the lounge friendly Nouvelle Vague.