Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Perfect Donut

I have found the perfect donut. Chocolate glazed, chocolate covered, and dolloped with a generous serving of semi-hardened whipped cream, this delectable stops time. Trouble is, the red and green sprinkles and mini sugar Christmas tree propped up on the whipped cream in the donut's center hole leads me to believe this donut is seasonal.

Discovered in Route 9's Donut Man quite by accident (pictured below), the combination of a crumbly outside and soft doughy inside justifies carefully placing this donut on your finest china (heaven forbid any crumbs tumble away) and eating it with a silver fork. Although I normally make desperate attempts to ration my donut stops, my effort to profile the independent donut store's baker gives me plenty excuse to pop in on the store often. And that's when I discovered the amazing holiday donut.

Rest assured, you won't see a happier holiday spirit as long as Donut Man continues the production of this limited edition donut. But as the holiday passes and red and green sugary Christmas trees are no longer acceptable accouterments, you might find me picketing for an even more ridiculously early start to the holiday season. Why wait until Halloween to start selling Christmas? I'll buy Donut Man's holiday special all year round. Just wait until Thanksgiving to start the Christmas carols.

Now let's turn to music. It's a guilty pleasure but I love Fergie's "Clumsy." I heard the song a few months back and knew right away it had the infectious doo wop sound to become a hit. Now I get the pleasure of hearing it on the radio on the daily.

Give "Clumsy" a listen below, but as you're watching the video watch for the girl in the background. Who is she, and do you think she thinks she's waiting for the subway? Why does she seem so nervous, except for the occasional smile she flashes at us viewers (note 2 minutes 37 seconds)? Most important, why isn't she rocking out to this song like Fergie and I? Honestly, how can she listen to this without picking up and shaking it?