Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I've Got This Ice Box Where My Heart Used to Be

There are numerous ways to explain it, but I think Omarion says it best when he raps "I've got this ice box where my heart used to be." Yesterday was the first snow in Amherst Massachusetts and the softball team ran outside at 6:45 am.

Granted, it's warmer when it snows. And running outside was actually a blast (except for maybe the time I spent sucking air). But to try to explain my shock with a small snowflake fell onto my windshield doesn't have fitting song lyrics. I was parked next to the other cars, huddled in my seat and waiting for the go ahead to get out and walk toward the track as we say our good mornings and mumble about how difficult it was to wake up. The radio was pumped in a desperate attempt to raise my consciousness a bit, and I noticed first one little flake and then another.

Then I started texting, "It's flurrying" to everyone who I thought might be excited about the first snow. By the time we stepped out of our cars and started walking toward the track it was picking up a bit. We began seeing stride footprints and Jill's Vitamin water turned into a slushy. By the time we worked up to our 200 yard sprints I was a little hesitant to turn the corner because I thought for sure I'd fall, but it worked out well.

All said and done it continued to snow into midmorning we got a total 1.8 inches yesterday. But I'll always remember the first snow during my senior year at UMass as the morning we ran out on the track.

Currently listening to Shotter's Nation, the second album by Pete Doherty's Babyshambles.

This video is a pretty decent sneak peak into the album if you're interested.