Friday, December 7, 2007

"Doing Alcohol, Drugs, and Racing Vehicles..."

In a recent blog I revealed my addiction to magazines. To share the reading experience I might start posting pieces I find interesting. The New York Times recently had a nice snippet about Cambodia's prime minister. The piece is below:

Prime Minister Hun Sen said he planned to legally disown his adopted daughter, who is a lesbian, so she cannot claim any inheritance. Mr. Hun Sen made the disclosure about his closely guarded family life in a speech at a graduation. "My adopted daughter now has a wife,” he said. “I’m quite disappointed." At the same time, he appealed to people not to discriminate against homosexuals, adding, "Most of them are good people and are not doing alcohol, drugs or racing vehicles.""

1) Phew. I'm glad to know that most gays are good people who don't do alcohol, drugs, or race vehicles. I was especially worried about the racing vehicles part. We wouldn't want gay people peeling out of Diva's on Saturday nights, their knuckles white from gripping the steering wheel and putting the petal to the metal.
2) Don't worry, adopted daughter of Prime Minister Hun Sen. You've got real family now. You and your wife are formally invited to holidays at my place.

Since Sasha Frere-Jones' sidebar in one of the most recent New Yorkers I pulled out some of my old grime music. Grime launched in London in the early 2000 and is known for a combination of 2-step beats and double time rapping. Grime has quicker, heavier beats than America's rap, and many claim it parallels the feeling you get when boxing. One of the most recognized grime artists on this side of the pond is Dizzee Rascal, but he comes from an extensive pool of talent in the UK.

Although some consider grime hardcore rap, it's actually embraced by a large number of nerdy music enthusiasts who embrace the genre for the way it plays with language. Some of my friends have literally labored over grime songs to understand every word. Before jumping into grime here's a quick guide to some of the British slang you'll need to master before truly appreciating this rap:

1. Nekkle - Great, uberkewl
2. Bare - Lots
3. Trainers - Sneakers
4. Jumpsuit - Sweatshirt

Below you can watch a little grime if you care to...

Please note, the opinions expressed by the rappers above may not express my own personal views.