Saturday, December 8, 2007

Excellent News

What began as a challenging day turned out to be beautiful. I've been feeling hesitant about Thrill as a name for the magazine and even though changing it at this point would be absolutely illogical and stupid, I can't help but think that now is better than after the magazine has launched. I'd prefer a name that automatically embodies who I am but I suppose any company becomes a part of you soon enough. What do you all think? Honestly. Does Thrill do anything for you as the name of a music magazine? Can you think of anything else that might be better? I'll pay you, seriously.

Rather than dwell on it too much I've continued to trudge along. I've been contacting new designers and while the deal isn't final I've got a great prospect with Francesco G. Di Bene, an Italian designer whose web design is incredible. Check out his company, Zen 777. This could change everything.

Before I leave you let's talk about music. I've been inundated with "year in review" press releases from public relations companies as well as previews of album releases in 2008. Big Hassle Media just sent me a 2008 preview release and they introduced me to The Republic Tigers. I predict their somber multidimensional layered sounds will make waves in 2008.