Monday, December 10, 2007

A Short List of Lauren Proctor's Oddities

I was making Top Ramen for myself the other day when I realized how weird I am. Well, realized is probably not the right word. How about remembered? To change the pace a bit here's a short (and certainly not all inclusive) list of some of the weirdest things about me.

1. I cook my Ramen so it's gooey but not soupy. In other words, my last bite is a bite of noodles, not a sip of broth.
2. I'm obsessed with the number 32. Items go in the microwave for 32 seconds at a time, I sing an ode to 32 before turning off the shower faucet, etc.
3. Sometimes I'm gregarious but mostly I'm just really, really shy.
4. People say I'm too nice, to the point where people think I'm hitting on them when I'm really just genuinely interested in others.
5. For better or worse, I was entrepreneurial from day one. In elementary school I used to make my own candy and sell it to my classmates from black film containers.
6. The first thing I dreamed of being when I grew up was a pirate.
7. Cream cheese is one of my favorite cooking ingredients (e.g. cheese cake, cake fillings, chip dips)
8. I don't drink but I love to go out and dance.
9. I love Slurpies and always create stripes of color with my mix of every flavor available.
10. Ukulele's are sexy. I bought one a year back to learn but have yet to play a song.
11. In Barcelona, Spain I was obsessed with the back of Gaudi's buildings. All the tourists were gathered at the fronts, snapping pictures as if they had spotted Princess Diana come back to life.
12. When I was little I asked my parents who was more important, me or the cat.
13. NesQuik is one of my favorite drinks in the world. Sometimes I crave it voraciously.
14. When it comes to bottled root beer, nothing beats Henry Weinhards in my book.
15. My hips are so tight I can't cross my left leg over my right.
16. I have an intense liking for bags and backpacks. It seems like I just can't get enough.
17. The geek in me loves shiny tech gear.
18. I collect music. Without music I don't know where I'd be.
19. Although I'm generally pretty off the cuff, I'm extremely methodical about eating my favorite foods.
20. I desperately want to go back to London and save Amy Winehouse from herself.
21. I'm a strong believer in using my words to express myself, and therefore refrain from the shortcut of using smileys on the computer.
22. My average shower takes about an hour because I like to read magazines before washing my hair and soaping up.
23. At the beginning of every softball season I pick a new good luck bracelet to remind me of my goals and aspirations.

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