Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sincerely, Me

Where do you see yourself in 2018? It's a difficult question. Everything can change in a second, but assuming ten years from now you still have the same values, sentiments, and work ethic, where do you want to be in life?

It's a question I've thought about a lot. And it's tough because life can pull you anywhere. But in an effort to stay focused and on track I developed a ten year plan. Then I found a wonderful tool that ten years from now will allow me to review what I wanted out of life back when I was 21 and 22 years old.

It's called and using this program you can schedule emails to be sent to you in the future. Assuming we'll be using email up until 2037, you can send yourself an email anytime between tomorrow and December 31, 2037.

I assume that when I open my future hopes email ten years from today I'll get a few laughs. "Oh my goodness," I'll think. "Why did I ever want that out of life?" or "Oh dear, I'm such a nerd." I might pick up the email to myself ten years from now and laugh, but if I can achieve most of what's on that list I imagine a bright 2018. And here's to wishing a bright future for each of you as well.



P.S. I'm currently listening to Hellogoodbye - "Is it Love?" It's poppy, and maybe a little cutesy, but ten years from now I hope I'll still enjoy this song as much as I do today as well.