Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let it Snow

Today was my final day of regular classes and I'm delighted to report that it's snowing. We've been inundated with weather alerts but there's nothing like watching a blanket of snow slowly accumulate outside. I'm taking some time to relax and as I result I think this blog will turn out to be a random menagerie of random thoughts and comments.

1. I want, sometime in my life, to see the Northern Lights also known as “Aurora Borealis." It seems like it would be one of the most amazing experiences someone could witness.

2. I Am Legend. Children of Men, Cormac McCarthy's The Road. I've noticed an outpouring of post apocalyptic type works of art recently. What does that say about the world? Discuss.

3. Naturally, while unwinding I was checking out Youtube. User Nalts ( is brilliant. Check out some of his videos. I've been absolutely rolling.

Now to the music: I found Rilo Kiley in high school and fell in love with "The Frug" and "Glendora." Now I'm obsessed with Rilo Kiley's song "Silver Lining."

If you want you can watch the video and sing along to my favorite line, "I was your silver lining, but now I'm gold!"