Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Slightly Uncomfortable

In the interest of conforming to the most popular literary style for year end publications, I've chosen to blog today about ten things that make me kind of uncomfortable. Not totally uncomfortable, but the types of things that stir me up just a little (in no particular order).

1. The word "footsie." Even worse, footsie in the plural form, "footsies."
2. Cirque du Soleil. It's amazing what these people can do, but please, spare me the costumes. There's something slightly creepy about that.
3. Buying toilet paper. I know everyone does it but for some reason it embarrasses me just a little.
4. Stretching. This one actually makes me physically uncomfortable though, while the others give me a slightly uncomfortable feeling in my gut.
5. Calling businesses. There's nothing I'd rather do than avoid calling and talking to a stranger, especially if I have to disagree with them or ask a question.
6. Accidentally unzipped flies or UFO's in people's teeth. That's one's self explanatory.
7. Asking for favors or for people to pay you back money they owe you.
8. The action of other people cutting their nails in public. I had one of those in my Spanish class last semester and her nail clippings would fly. Sort of discomforting.
9. Eating with people who eat fast. I like to enjoy my food, and when the waiter takes my friends' plates but not mine, and then I'm left savoring my meal, I feel like an inconvenience to the waiter. Oh well, I'd rather enjoy my food.
10. Wet paper products. Actually this makes me more than "kind of uncomfortable" but what would a list about things that make me feel weird be without my phobia of wet paper products?

As we turn to music, I'd like to talk about an artist that also makes me kind of uncomfortable. His name is Jandek, but he's not really a man. Instead, Jandek is a collective referring to himself/themselves as "Corwood Industries." Jandek is mysterious, and anyone who appears in Jandek's name is simply a representative of Corwood Inustries. He chooses to remain reclusive, depressive, and mysterious and his music sounds similar. It's Daniel Johnston like, and causes infinite unease. But if you're into that type of thing, enjoy Jandek. Below is a 1985 interview between Jandek and SPIN Magazine. It's a nice, compact introduction to the lighter side of Jandek and Corwood Industries. The interview is only audio and the images are typical of Jandek's album covers.