Sunday, December 16, 2007

Because Time is Ticking

A few years ago affordable watches used to be all about Fossil. Now it's all about Nixon. If you want to be cutting edge these days it's time to fork up a little more money to show you have style.

My old Fossil has served me well but it's time to upgrade. And since I'm not in the realm of Rolex at this point in my life, I've been obsessively searching for semi-affordable sturdy watches. In my search I stumbled upon Nixon's green and white Rayna, the blingy Player, and the first class Banks. Nixon helps me believe it: time is beautiful.

Of course my search hasn't been limited to Nixon. I've always had an affinity for LED lights so when Thinkgeek emerged with their own LED watches I about fainted. Not only that, but a friend emerged with a Dakota Hybrid watch which isn't too shabby either.

But while we're onto this LED light stuff, let's talk about this new gadget worth drooling over. It's called the Ibiza, and it's hot in an extremely weird and geeky way. Below is a customer action shot. The caption reads, "I asked for the time, not a light show."

To top it off the bottom of Thinkgeek's shopping section reads:

"Never offend people with style when you can offend them with substance."
--Sam Brown

It lights up my life, these watches.

Now I think it's time (no pun intended) for a little music talk. I'm currently listening to "My Best Friend" by Hello Saferide.


Kristin Joy said...

I always liked LED watches and also got one recently from Fossil. It has old styled watchcase and modern technology.