Wednesday, January 2, 2008

iGot One

Hello friends,

I hope 2008 finds each and every one of you happy and healthy. I celebrated the New Year quietly and the year has treated me well so far. I haven't read as much as I anticipated over the holiday, but I saw Juno and Charlie Wilson's War, and also spent the day perusing Roman and Greek artifacts in the Getty Villa. I've got 40 more hours to bask in the La Jolla warmth and then I'm back to the beloved East Coast.

Beyond that the only other significant news flash is that after months of drooling over what Time Magazine called 2007's best invention, I got an iPhone. It's beautiful. Rather than discuss its value to me I've decided to add some of my favorite iPhone related user generated videos.

If you're a sap-geek like me you'll enjoy this one.

This one is also beautiful.

And because I do offer a music recommendation before closing every blog, I'd like to honor the artist that was actually featured in the video above.

It's called "Young Folks" and it's by Peter Bjorn and John, whom I absolutely adore.

Goodnight my friends, and best of luck to you in 2008. May you accomplish everything you dreamed of and more.