Friday, January 25, 2008

My Crush on Steve Jobs

My heart races every time I see the MacBook Air. I've watched and re-watched the new ad on the computer more than is healthy, and now I can't stop belting out "I'm a young soul, in this very strange world, hoping I could learn a bit about what is true and fake."

Apple's stock may be off but Steve Jobs is right on for me. He knows exactly what I want, and as soon as the innovative MacBook air comes out with a bit more heft I'm ready to invest.

Speaking of Jobs, I have officially installed Apple iPhone Update 1.1.3 and it makes me doubly proud to own an iPhone. You can now send text messages to multiple recipients and move around and customize the home screen as if it were a normal computer. Best of all, the iPhone will now tell me wherever I am and allow me to map step by step directions to where I should be. For the directionally challenged this is not only beautiful but it's lifesaving. On a lighter note, Apple now made it possible for me to rent movies for road trips. The iPhone was wonderful when I got it but now it's even better. And what's more amazing than a phone that just keeps on improving?

If Jobs and his secretive team listened to me I would request that the following additional fixes are added to Update number 1.1.4.

  • The iPhone doesn't allow users to send or automatically view picture text messages. Instead we have to go to a site with a hard to remember username and password (which is separate for each picture) and log in. Half the time the site doesn't even work so viewing something a friend snapped in the cell phone view finder for convenience is laborious and hardly worth it.
  • No cell phone offers better browser viewing than the iPhone. But if Apple can do anything then I look forward to the day when we can view Flash.
  • I'm used to the keyboard and have come to appreciate the silent satisfaction of pressing buttons. The self correct is effective but if there was a way to turn the keyboard sideways like in the internet browser then it would make my thick fingers much happier.
  • Just add instant messenger already and give away a ringtone here or there. And while we're at it, don't constrict email and text message alerts to three measly tones. We want variety and beauty, much like the iPhone itself.
Jobs knows how to do it right, but if he wants me to review that MacBook Air I'd be happy to do so.

In honor of Steve Jobs and the wonderful musical taste of his employees I'm going to recommend some Yael Naim. The French musician usually plays slow ballads with David Donatien, and her music is amazing in a Cat Power sort of way. The song in the ad is even better in the video below: