Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Highlight of My Week

I've been busy. This week marks the beginning of the last semester of my senior year and it seems like I'm going to love both Shakespeare and Journalism Law. Practice has been going well and the team looks good. I kissed my final graduation application as I dropped it into the mail, and in one week the UMass softball team is off to Florida for our first tournament. I'm feeling lucky in so many regards but the highlight of my week is sure to arrive on Sunday.

After Sunday morning's practice the UMass softball team is meeting Kirstin (you can learn about her by clicking on her name). Kirstin was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor two years ago and has been fighting ever since. Although I haven't met her yet, she seems like an amazing and inspiring girl. The team is welcoming her into our family through a program called Friends of Jaclyn, and she's welcome to attend anything team related as long as she's interested. As players flow through the program they'll meet Kirstin and then hopefully stay in contact with her for the rest of their lives. I'm delighted to meet Kirstin and hope she enjoys being a part of the UMass family.

In other news, I just started Josh Kilmer-Purcell's memoir I Am Not Myself These Days. I initially fell in love with Josh Kilmer-Purcell's column work and the memoir is bizarre but clever. Kilmer-Purcell can make me laugh effortlessly and I've caught myself stifling chuckles everywhere I go reading the memoir. If you're tolerant, liberal, and up for a light read he's worth checking out.

When it comes to music I know I've recommended Vampire Weekend since August 2007 but they've pulled in tons of hype in recent months and their album released this week to much praise. If you haven't given them a listen yet, check out this video below.

And because I would hate to go out without giving a new recommendation, check out Jack Penate. He's perfect to start the weekend with.

I love his dancing Converses in the video below, and his beautiful accent more than makes up for the fact that it looks like he might wear a toupee. Give a listen to "Spit at Stars" and you'll know exactly what I mean.