Monday, February 18, 2008

10 Reasons Why Life is Going Well

The economy may be on the fritz these days and life might be throwing you a few obstacles but today I'll give you ten reasons why life truly is beautiful.

1. Finally, the writer's strike is over. The strike wasn't pretty but at least it's over.

2. Tipsters are saying that the iPhone and iPod Touch prices are due to drop about $100. This sucks for anyone who just bought their gear, but for prospective buyers, enjoy the extra Benjamin in your pocket.

3. I read in Time Magazine that the number of death's in Iraq has dropped significantly since August of 2005. Regardless of party affiliation or ideals, this is undoubtedly a good thing.

4. Artists like Tristan Prettyman and Kelley Stoltz are investing time and money in energy credits and other greener strategies.

5. David Anderegg wrote a tribute Nerds entitled Nerds: Who We Are and Why We Need More of Them. It's been praised by many media outlets, so if you're a Nerd this is your limelight.

6. If you've been upset that 2000 didn't bring flying cars, at least you now have a reason to rejoice with the Swiss. They recently invented an underwater car called the Squba.

7. Heidi Klum says she will open up her home and do whatever she can to help Britney Spears. Maybe Britney will finally get the friend she needs, and Chris Crocker can create a new, happier YouTube video.

8. Even though our world is heating up, some coral reefs are naturally protected from global warming with the ocean's natural thermostat system.

9. A recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that reaching 100 is easier than most would think, largely due to a new trend of doctors who treat older people the same as they would younger individuals.

10. When all else fails there's always music.

I dare not leave you without a music recommendation. If you're into the cutting edge rock, dance pop I've been recommending The Teenagers are a sure hipster winner. They're a bit more dissonant than you usually hear on the radio, but the group's debut Reality Check has gotten them lots of attention.

The Teenager's song below is called "Homecoming." If you we're a young teen who doted over "Unemployed Boyfriend" from Everclear's Wonderful album then you'll appreciate the dumb sounding satire of this track.