Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Amherst, Chicago, and Palm Springs

Today is a short report because I'm a whirlwind of activity. Perhaps more important, I'm about to start reading an excellent book called Rock On by Dan Kennedy. The faster I complete my daily activities the faster I get to reading. But here's a short summary of Wednesday (tomorrow).

Tomorrow morning kicks off with a phone interview from my desk in Amherst to Northwestern's prestigious Integrated Marketing Communications program. Wish me luck, my friends. This program could prepare me for a high profile career, and a high profile career means I'll buy you dinner...somewhere fancy.

After the interview I'm headed to Boston with the softball team to catch a plane to Palm Springs, California. The team is playing Fresno, UCLA, Arizona, and Baylor this weekend. May the best teams win.

Before I close I want to brighten your life, enlighten your intellect, and let you in on what is so far a well kept secret. The secret is made of five men who collectively make up my new music obsession. That means, of course, that these guys are just as good as Vampire Weekend. And of course, you heard it here first.

The Canon Logic's rock is a hopeful and glittery mix of Beach Boys, doo wop, and Franz Ferdinand. Intensely contagious and cutting edge, yet familiar and warm, these boys will have you snapping and grinning from ear to ear.