Friday, February 1, 2008

Hot Sneaker Brand

I never was one for combing my hair or dolling up my physical appearance but when I saw my first boutique sneaker shop I fell in love with fashion and style. For the first time I had entered a store that customized its products exactly to my lifestyle and shopping was revolutionized. Buying a product felt like buying an extension of my identity and that felt nice.

In a world where nearly anything can be customized I think the demand for buying products that feel like an extension of who we are will become increasingly important. People want to customize exactly what feeds they receive through RSS and customized clothing made by tailors is a growing business. As a result, I think boutiques will grow in popularity. Of course these places won't replace Wal Mart or Macy's, but the marketplace for boutiques like the ones pictured below will grow.

That being said, I recently found a one of a kind sneaker brand called Creative Recreation. I fell in love with a shoe and can't seem to find it anywhere. So if you can find a place where I can buy a pair of size 7.5 Creative Recreation Cesario Lo Platinums in black and gold like the item pictured below I will pay you ten of my own hard earned dollars. The shoes can't be inordinately priced ($120 is the most expensive I've ever seen them even though they're out of stock) and I have to be able to ship them to my home in the United States for a reasonable cost. I'll pay you via PayPal, cash, or whatever. Just call me or send me an email at

Before I leave to pine over my dream sneakers I'll fill you in on my new musical affinity. The laid back Kelley Stoltz combines intricate weavings with genuine acoustic show tunes style to create a unique and beautiful sound. Best of all, his new album Circular Sounds is set for a February 5th release on Sub Pop Records. You can't go wrong with "Morning Sun," which you'll find on his myspace page jukebox.