Monday, March 31, 2008

A Quick Update

I'm headed to class so this is going to be a quick and probably lame blog. It's March 31 and snowing in Amherst, Massachusetts. Nothing like a beautiful Spring snow. A couple days ago we had practice in what declared felt like 21 degrees. We arrived at the field and set into removing the tarp only to find it was covered with thin sheets of ice. The weights we carried off the tarp cracked in our hands with ice, and we were literally picking up pieces of ice and putting them in a wastebasket so they wouldn't tear the tarp. When we started dragging the tarp to fold it up a gust of wind caught it and set a sheet of ice airborne into my hip. Oh, the things you'll do for softball. Yesterday we played a double header against Charlotte and won, and today it's snowing heavy flakes. I'm off to turn in a paper about All's Well that Ends Well, and on that note I hope all is truly well in your life.


Today's music recommendation is one of my latest obsessions. Check out Scouting for Girls, a group that's popular in the UK and should gain popularity if the United States knows what's good for them. Check out Scouting for Girls. If their sparkling melodies don't move you we will question the existence of your heart. I think I may have already mentioned these guys in my blinded love so I'll give you another recommendation to make up for it if I have already doted on Scouting for Girls. Check out The Hussys, a slightly harder female lead version of Scouting For Girls that often features witty lyrics of youth wasting potential.