Thursday, May 1, 2008

Magical Childish Misconceptions

We see the world differently as children. I learned that when I walked through my once humongous Judkin's Junior High only to find that my empire was a small postage stamp of a school. It takes time to process the world and all it's magic, and I've always been amazed by the ways we process and make sense of the world as children. In considering this I've remembered and written out a few instances of my childish misconceptions.

1) I remember the Wednesday night routine just before bed. We would tote the rolling trash can and recycling bin out to the curb just as the street lamps were turning on for Thursday morning pick up. My parents called it preparation for "trash day" so growing up on Costa del Sol I always wondered if Thursday was an official trash day for everyone in the world. I guess I supposed being a trash man wasn't such a bad life. One day weeks, six day weekends, what's better than setting out to rid the world of its trash every Thursday with the rest of the trucks? Then every Friday the world would be clean...

2) I'm not sure whether you would call it stubborn, stuck in my ways, or fiercely loyal, but as a kid I stuck by what I liked. Such was the case with everything from Taco Loco (my favorite Mexican restaurant) to brands of toothpaste. My parents bought Aquafresh and Mentadent and I remember diligently dispensing perfectly equal amounts of each color of toothpaste onto my toothbrush. It was magic to me though, the way the colors could stay separate, unmixed and true. I was convinced that because of the color stripes, that these multicolored brands were top of the line, unmatched dental products.

3) If my memory serves me right I wore pants twice to Elementary School. I thought pants were incredibly uncomfortable and was convinced that I, Lauren Proctor, would be able to live a perfectly normal, professional, grown up life without having to suffer through any sort of clothing that might impede on my ability to run around as if I were wearing athletic apparel. Thank goodness that perception has changed but I appreciate the fact that I was permitted to go through that stage of self expression through shorts.

4) My favorite consideration of how my perceptions of the world have changed since I was younger live in my old journals, notes, and blogs. I was perusing my old Xanga blog the other day and found an entry that I think represents who I was in high school, oh so long ago. It reads...

"Have all of you tried the phenomenal Bubble Tea? I found a recipe to make bubble tea at home, which has always been thrilling to me. I've always loved making things myself. I remember attempting to make Sweet Tarts in the oven at Rachel Byrne's house. Rather than hard glossy artificially flavored treats, we ended up with some sort of tart crispy bread...all natural. At the time I had my heart set on the imitation sweet tart. But now I think I should have settled for the all natural treat. Too bad I didn't get the recipe for that one. I also remember making liquid candy with Nicole in elementary school. Our best client was Katie Wong. God bless her! I actually found some of our candy the other day and took a daring taste. It was in our patented of those film bottles that prevents the roll of film from being exposed. Much to my surprise, it was good. Too bad the carbonation was gone and I didn't record the recipe."
-- May 2nd 2004, four years ago to the day. I was already reflecting on my childhood, and already listening to Kings of Leon, a band that would become famous later on.

The way I process and perceive the world will continue to change as I learn life lessons and experience living. Regardless, I believe my recommendation of Greater Good will remain static. The band's full length album "Shake it Till I Let You Go" releases on May 20th, so feel free to take a listen. You'll find yourself tapping your toes and singing along with some upbeat rock and roll.

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