Monday, May 12, 2008

NYU Gallatin

After a long wait and much ado I have finally made my decision about graduate school. By Fall of 2008 you will be speaking to a student of the Gallatin School of Individualized Studies at New York University.

My first day of classes is Tuesday September 2nd, so if you know of any job opportunities, anyone who needs a roommate by August 1, or any tips regarding making the move to New York City here is my call out to cyberspace.

Thank you to every single individual who supported my application process, stood by me as I waited anxiously, and helped me get to the point where I could make a decision based on what I want out of life. It means the world to me, as well as theoretical higher pay when I get into the real world. So here's to graduate school.



P.S. Celebrate life with The Sonic Hearts. Tracks like "Mockingbird" will remind you of the 60's while other tracks will have you toe tappin'.


Joe and Cindy said...

Congrats Lauren! If we get over to NY we'll be looking you up.

Anonymous said...

Tres intiresno, gracias