Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thrill Magazine Debut

Thrill Magazine is more than a dream, it's a dream come true. Your lifestyle guide to music, style, and the arts is now online. We're still in a halfway beta testing mode right now and have a bit of development left but since my readers here are mostly friends and loyal followers, I thought I would give you an exclusive glimpse before we pull out all the major tricks. Feel free to visit the site often, because your clicks create our funding. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the content and please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns. You'll find a rough webshot below, as well as a letter from the publisher...a few heartfelt words that get a little more personal than I traditionally reveal. I hope you enjoy it all...

A Letter From the Publisher

On Beginnings
Courtships and Crushes and Falling in Love

Love for me has always been vehement. Whether I’m electrified by the syncopated percussions of a favorite song, the art that pulls my soul through my eyes, or the power of a crush, when I let love overcome my existence something in me changes forever.

I remember my most recent crush, the way my heart skipped violently toward madness every time my eyes met the other person’s. I gravitated toward the object of my attraction, lost in the drumbeat of ethereal delight. The beginning of love changed the tint of my perspectives, and my investment into making love thrive was infinite.

That’s how I feel as Thrill Magazine comes to fruition. It’s like a new beginning, the result of countless late nights and hours of deep conversation with those who have helped make Thrill what it is today. It’s madness but nothing short of the investment of my life: a dream come true.

I hope you that as you read our content about music, style, and the arts that it captures your attention and holds your affections. After all, this is the object of our devotion and a beautiful new beginning, the kind that we hope sends electrical currents down your spine and anticipation through your body. May you enjoy this new beginning and fall in love with Thrill the way I have.

-- Lauren Proctor
Founder and CEO of Thrill Magazine

For now I recommend a classic, "Mother We Just Can't Get Enough" by the New Radicals. Bask in the beautiful crescendos of this song and then check out Thrill Magazine for more music recommendations and news updates.