Sunday, October 5, 2008

You're Serene When You Sleep

The other evening I was strolling along toward the F train on W. 35th Street as the woman ahead of me shrieked into her cell phone. "I did what?" she cackled. I endured a short pause and then cell-phone-talking, perfume-trailing woman revealed what had had her so simultaneously surprised and excited. "You're not joking, I really stood up on the bed in my sleep? We've only known each other two weeks!"

She was appalled but also all smiles and exploding with laughter. When she asked the person on the other end of her Verizon network to explain what had happened again in more detail I realized an important general truth: People love to hear about what they do in their sleep.

Of course everyone wants to hear a little about themselves here and there, but tell someone they mumbled fragmented conversation or twitched like crazy in their sleep and you're bound to receive a response brimming with enthusiasm. An action that would normally cause extreme embarrassment becomes strangely endearing to the sleeper, and you're bound to hear multiple requests to "tell it again."

It kind of makes me smile, how quirky we are.

--Lauren Proctor

Today's music recommendation is Jukebox the Ghost. Their keyboard based pop sensibilities will have you flying in no time.

Jukebox the Ghost - "Hold It In"

Jukebox the Ghost "Hold It In" OFFICIAL from Guy Manly on Vimeo

Jukebox the Ghost on WOXY Radio presents Jukebox the Ghost from Soft City Lights on Vimeo

Jukebox the Ghost - "