Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Google Android G-1

Google has done it. Their new Android aka the T-Mobile G1 hit stores October 22nd, but one question remains and it is this. Have they done it well enough to undo the iPhone? Before we proceed I should fully disclose myself as an iPhone owner. But all bias aside, as far as I can tell the answer is no, at least not yet.

The Android device itself seems rugged and isn't nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the iPhone. The user interface is innovative and simple but visually, it appears reminiscent of web 1.0, where clunky blue boxes are the norm. The T-Mobile G1 made the same mistake as Apple did with their first edition iPhone too, and there isn't a standard headjack for audio listening. Over all, the T-Mobile G1 lacks the general suave overtone so typical of Apple, but it's certainly still a threat.

In my opinion it was enough of a threat to pull Steve Jobs out of the woodwork. The night before the release of the Android Jobs made a public statement solidifying Apple's place as the third largest handset supplier. Critics of the iPhone will surely appreciate the T-Mobile G1's tangible QWERTY keyboard, but I can't help but think the G1 seems a little Sidekick-like on the outside.

Apple changed the way we think about mobile devices with their iPhone, but we have Google to thank for changing the way we think about our applications.  Android's open source foundation forced Apple to open up their application building, and now the collective can not only dictate, but also participate in building a customized product that does everything we want it to do.  Steve Jobs is incredible when it comes to predicting what the public wants before they even know they want it, but maybe this massive push from Google will make him more receptive when it comes to listening to the collective.

Now let's get on track to prevent exclusive service provider deals and contract termination fees.  It seems almost every other industry is changing before they can blink.  Perhaps it's only a matter of time before the wireless telecommunications industry finds itself turned inside out as well.

Until then I'll stick with my iPhone, waiting patiently for the rumored 32 GB model to jump into the scene and impatiently for my EDGE network pages to load on my first generation device.  And of course, I'll all always keep track of the game changers, cheering them along for their innovation.


If you've had enough geek and want to move onto the music candy, here you are.  There's a group called XYZ Affair out there and they've grouped towering choruses, sexy sophisticated lyrics, and a lost adolescent nostalgia reminiscent of the most approachable of Weezer.

If you watched Nickelodeon in the early 90's you'll love that they've chosen to include Marc Summers (Double Dare, Unwrapped), Jason Zimbler (Clarissa Explains It All), Danny Cooksey (Salute Your Shorts, Terminator 2), and Michael Maronna (Pete & Pete, 40 Days and 40 Nights, Slackers) to the cast in one of their more popular videos.  Click on the video below to play "All My Friends."

The XYZ Affair - "All My Friends"