Monday, November 10, 2008

Apex Beat: Introducing

Yesterday, in an absolute flurry of excitement, I began explaining my preliminary plan for a thesis topic and academic journey. In passing, I quickly directed all parties interested in "How Brands Make Meaning in the Modern Media Landscape" to posts threaded by obvious key words, as well as one random tag.

That tag was Apex Beat, and that's the name I have assigned this series of writings. If you see a post of that title, you'll know right away what it's about.

I've been told that the "Apex Beat" also known as "PMI" (point of maximum impulse), is the point where your heartbeat is most apparent. The name resonated with me immediately, and because it's directly related to strength, pulse, and heart, it only seemed natural.

And so it begins, my Apex Beat.

For all you music fans, I recently interviewed DJ Haze a mixtape DJ and beat producer who has worked closely with The Game and many others. Haze mentioned that rap is dead because people are stuck in their expired ways for creating music. Southern beats are Southern beats are Southern beats, he argues, and so the industry needs a new face.

DJ Haze argues, and I think he is right, that the revival and resurrection of hip hop lies in someone who dares to be innovative. The new sound is a mixture of the best from not only multiple regions, but multiple music styles.

The Very Best already subscribes and applies this line of thought to their dance floor movers. Check out their mixtape below, and if you liked Vampire Weekend pay special attention to their "CapeKodKwassaKwassa" remix.