Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Shameless Event Plug For An HX Event

As some of you may or may not know, one of my many moonlighting occupations resides with HX Magazine. This weekend the magazine is hosting a Gay Life Expo in the NYC Javitz center (11th Av/36th St), so if you're fresh off the Stop the H8 Prop 8 protest near City Hall this weekend and wondering where to go afterward, walk Northwest young man/woman/anything in between.

The Expo features networking events, a career center, vendors, charities, and much more. Obviously, it's the performers and musicians that have me most excited. Below you'll find a list and short summary of what some of them are all about. Enjoy and I hope to see you in the Javitz center this weekend.

Show # 1
The Marvelous Wonderettes
Poodle skirts and wholesome 1950’s high school girl stereotypes coupled with sidesplitting antics and a ten year reunion that takes place in the typical miniskirt culture of 1968, The Marvelous Wondrettes are a sensational act that will take the Gay Life Expo by storm with their renditions of “Respect,” Son of a Preacher Man,” and much, much more.

Jonathan Whitton
One look from Jonathan Whitton’s glimmering eyes and you’ll melt into heavenly eternity.

Emily McNamara
Emily McNamara grew up belting “Bettie Davis Eyes” into her hairbrush as she swooped around the living room with creative stuffed-animal-leaping dance moves. If you ask her about it today she’ll still admit to the same living room renditions, only now she is living the life she had dreamed of as a girl.

Show # 3
French born fashionista Naommon (pronounced NOW-mon) crossed the pond with a grungy, florescent New York in mind. Now based in Harlem, his latest collection of bouncy bass lines and dark, sequin lined disco tracks spew with sultry refrains and images of the beautifully moody New York that keeps us gliding across the dance floor against hard bodies covered in sweat.

To know Peppermint is to love Peppermint. She’s been deemed HX Magazine’s Drag Queen of the Year, Entertainer of the Year in the Glammy Awards, and a part of Paper Magazine’s 10th Annual Beautiful People issue. Constantly on the nightlife circuit and always a pleasure, Peppermint is sure to deliver

Lori Michaels “Me & the Girls”
Lori Michaels just released her full length album “Living My Life Out Loud” and she’s ready to rock the stage with her Pink meets Timbaland in the back of a hot club style.

Murray Hill
Polyester clad, mustachioed Murray Hill emceed Madonna’s record release party, hosted a Antony and the Johnsons show, and appeared in Gossip’s video for “Listen Up.” If there’s anyone who is connected in the New York performance world it’s Murray Hill. He may not have won mayor of New York in 1997 (he received 341 write-in votes) but he’s guaranteed to step up to the stage and fill the room with laughter.

Show # 1
Neon Glitter Bliss
If beats could kill I wouldn’t mind going out on the ethereal, hook filled syncopation of Neon Glitter Bliss. Pounding the scene with warm original sounds, the Brooklyn based electro pop trio sounds wonderfully familiar but completely original at the same time. The name says it all; this out of the box trio is pure bliss.

Show # 2
Brian Kent
Recently featured on Project Runway and Sirius Radio’s Out Hot 20, as well as Billboard’s #5 Breakout Dance Club Play, Brian Kent’s light, airy progressive house throbs with sexual energy. Earnest and melodic, but also spinning in whirlwinds of sound, these club thumpers will keep house fiends hot under the collar all night long.

Show # 3
Broadway Boys
Everything seems perfect when the hottest voices currently working on the New York stage agree to dress in dandy suits and let it all belt out. Redefining the classics we can’t live without and making original compositions sound as appealing as the standards, the six hunks that make up the Broadway Boys promise to keep you on the edge of your sequin seats in sheer delight.

Dorothy Bishop
Redefining everything from Puccini and Dusty Springfield to Cher and Donna Summer, this Southern born, Yale trained soprano, serves up tantalizing opera hovering over fast paced dance tracks and undeniable synth hooks. Many have called Dorothy Bishop’s performances “popratic,” and there’s no doubt her sense of humor and three octave vocal range will leave you begging for more.

Brett Gleason
A former New York State Gymnastics Champion, Brett Gleason has always been drawn into obscure musical landscapes. Now a one man band, he plays his own piano and guitar before weaving the live sounds into dark digital soundscapes. Part Fiona Apple, part Aphex Twin, Gleason will serve up a New York based ferocious sonic chaos that actually makes sense.

Margoh! Channing
Claiming William Hung and Britney Spears as inspiration, Margoh! Channing has finally embarked on the singing career she said she lost after a night of undeniable passion with Neil Sedaka. With her fluffy black updo, humongous sense of humor, and long black sequined dress she’s sure to bring you along on a snarky, playful romp through fifteen minutes of fame that will surely last a lifetime.

Neon Glitter Bliss

In the spirit of this weekend's expo, you can of course see this transcending trio this weekend in the Javitz center. My favorite tracks are "Wilted Flower" and "Drama." In fact, I would very much enjoy a society where dramatic situations were suddenly created with people gallivanting along and singing "I don't want no, (high voice) drama; in my life this, (high voice) moment. I don't want no, (high voice) drama; till the casket, (high voice) closes."

To enjoy the music, click on "Audio" in the widget below and then select the songs you'd like to listen to (or just follow the link above).