Monday, December 1, 2008

Those Dancing Days

It was my every intention to start blogging again more frequently, and I will stick to my goal, but as of late I want to apologize for being a bit more sparse in the blog department. I'll blame it on the fact that I'm tethered to researching, preparing presentations and writing papers. I'm trying to focus, and therefore limiting my magazine or non research related reading to ten minutes per day in addition to subway rides. I am also refraining from getting lost in RSS feeds, info snacking sessions of knowledge trails, and blogging, but after next week comes and goes you can expect a more prolific Lauren Proctor. In about two weeks my first semester of NYU graduate school will be complete.

It's incredible and exciting, but in the meantime I'm pumping our thirty page papers and prepping presentations (with unevenly distributed dance sessions in between to quite literally shake things up). The first video I'm adding is for the dance theme and overall charm, but the second musical recommendation is one of my favorite finds in quite some time.

Kings of Convenience
- "I'd Rather Dance"
You've probably heard of Kings of Convenience, but if you haven't this is your chance to find some music you shouldn't be missing. Plus, you've got to love the come back kid.

Those Dancing Days
- Those Dancing Days
I'm not sure what they call these people in Sweden, but Those Dancing Days look like Brooklyn hipsters at their finest. Talk about a group that knows how to drop a rhythm to make you pop our of your chair, grin from ear to ear and then start breaking it down. I present to you, Those Dancing Days.

You know, when you refer to Those Dancing Days you're not just talking about yesterday. You're talking about today, tomorrow, and every day until it's over. And we'll still be dancing when the fat lady sings...