Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Next In Sneakers

If you've known me awhile you know that I was fringe on orange, that I called the emergence of patent shoes, and that even though I don't always dress like a fashionista, I pretty well know what's going on with hemlines and next season's hot color.

I'm not calling this as an emerging trend but rather something that makes me wish I was in charge of fashion. The sneaker world needs more colored soles. Only 20% of people wearing sneakers today even use their shoe for sport, so drop the gym safe white soles and give the sole the gift of matching the occasion for which it's more often worn these days. Picture an icy sole to match a baby blue outfit or something trademark, red and wild. Give us black soles so we can have pizazz and comfort in the same pace at the workplace. Give a shoe some character and class from the bottom up. Give us colored soles.

While we're talking about what should emerge, check out the poppy NeverShoutNever. He's adolescence at its finest, love at its cutest and most innocent. Check him out and get ready for some sap.

NeverShoutNever - Trouble

NeverShoutNever - She's Got Style