Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What? I Never Thought of That?

I hesitate to bring death into the blogosphere unnecessarily, but this thought struck me for the first time as I was riding the B63 up Fourth Avenue through Brooklyn. I’m shocked that I’d always taken this for granted without even once questioning why, but now I pose the question to everyone.

Why are mortuaries, funeral chapels, or funeral parlors often called funeral homes? Wouldn’t it make more sense if the gravesite was a funeral home and the mortuary simply a funeral hotel or temporary resting place?

I’m baffled.

And Now For The Music

Boy Eats Drum Machine is coherently unpredictable in an edgy way that screams, “This is the future of music as it should be.” Check out the tracks below and listen to beauty emerge out the buzzing and rattling bass lines. Keep in mind that this is one guy, a frenetic turntablist and artist.

Boy Eats Drum Machine - Two Ghosts