Friday, June 5, 2009

A Thought On Keeping The Pace

If you're a runner, or simply a watcher of runners, you may have noticed that when jogging or sprinting with a partner, people tend to match their stride with one another over time. To me this is phenomenal. The possibilities for moving forward seem endless, yet somehow when two people run together they unconsciously make up for differences in body size and tendencies in order to match each other's movements. I'm convinced that this has something to do with harmony and our tendency toward it.

If I were in the field of physiology or something like that I would study this, but then again maybe it's better to let this phenomenon remain one of the countless unexplained miracles of life. And so here I remain, amazed at yet another simple thing in life.

In other news, in light of all this rekindled Twitter buzz I started up my Thrill Twitter again. Thrill itself isn't really up and running as we speak, but music will always pump through my veins so this Twitter widget is a select list of music recommendations specifically focused in the world of indie music. Think of it as a refined place to broaden your musical tastes and wax music. I always take recommendations and love talking music, so feel free to reach out and contact me about it. In the meantime, enjoy.

Today's Blogger music recommendation is Lisa Hannigan, an folk-pop artist whose earnest voice and fragile lyrical masterpieces create a comforting, curl-up-by-the-fire sort of feeling. P.C. Greenwood calls Hannigan one of the most engaging and mysterious singers of the past two decades, adding that Hannigan could be "Jeff Buckley's long lost Irish sister." I very much agree.

Lisa Hannigan - "I Don't Know"