Friday, July 3, 2009

Ukulele Fever

I've got ukulele fever and I've got it bad.  This isn't just some sort of tepid condition alleviated with a few aspirin and a couple days rest.  It's an all encompassing obsession that pumps through my veins and leaves me restless.   Most of my passions end up driving me through the day and this hankering desire for a ukulele is no different.  I've always felt a connection with the instrument's mobile and triumphantly nerdy beauty but right now I feel like the connections in my brain are made of ukulele strings.  In my obsessive condition I've been scouring YouTube and I recently stumbled upon this 11 year old elementary school student named Anko.  His hobbies include making "new rube goldberg machines" and his favorite books are "novels."  This guy is adorable, not to mention talented.  Check out his YouTube channel here (he also makes Lego- animation videos) or just listen to a couple of his songs below.

Keita - "Stand By Me"

Keita - "Love Me Do"