Monday, August 10, 2009

5 Social Media Stories You Should Know Today

Did you watch your news channel of choice and read your papers but miss out on your social media related news today? Never to fear. I'll catch you up with a quick list of highlights (or low lights if you're a Friendster fan).

Please note that this list is by no means comprehensive, nor does it even begin to acknowledge much beyond the realm of new media. It's at the very least entertaining, so here we go:

1. Facebook bought Friendster for $50 million dollars. What does this mean? We're not really sure yet, but a lot of people think the two services will integrate. Friendster will become obsolete and Facebook will adopt more Twitter-like technologies like real time search in hopes that when newsworthy events take place people will stop turning to Twitter and start using Facebook instead.

Somebody best get out the printing presses and make a new shirt because like everything else in the world these days, now has quickly slipped away into the future.

2. Google has also announced their intentions to overhaul their search engine to add real time search. Some rumors say that they're going to partner with Twitter in order to create this real time search that includes microblogging, so this is something to watch out for.

2. A study reveals that Gen Yers are claiming that their real friends are the friends they have in cyberspace. Meanwhile, another study shows that Facebook increases jealousy in relationships.

3. While we're on studies, yet another study points out that psychological distance increases creativity. This article talks about the research and suggests a few ways to increase your own creativity.

3. A year ago we were saying goodbye to human customer service by increasing the capability of ATMs. And now you won't have to go to your ATM as much either, because USAA Bank is going to release an iPhone app that allows people to deposit checks by sending in photos of the front and back of the check.

4. YouTube surges 9% in the month of July and passed MSN and in the traffic department. Of course we have to take into consideration when we look at the numbers of Microsoft properties, but what does this mean about our society?

5. Excuse me for being so late to discover this, but I found out that the British Prime Minister's office tweets. I'm going to do something really British and leave it at "Brilliant."

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