Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Real Way to Play Hit Machine

The second I saw Hit Machine I knew I'd spend my next sleepless night shredding my keyboard with the online Rock Band equivalent. But in watching an online video all I could think was, "No she didn't!"

The person playing in the demo video below is playing while sitting down. For all practical purposes I couldn't tell whether they were writing a report or playing what might be a milestone of an internet gaming release. It seems like a sin.

The beauty of Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and now Hit Machine is its ability to allow us to pretend that we are the band. In other words, I'm kicking my desk chair into the hallway for awhile, taking my lampshades off so I can shine the bare bulbs like spotlights in my eyes, turning on every multicolored light I have, and BEING the band. I've already rigged a way to mount my wireless keyboard on a baseball bat so that I can "play guitar" until the club shuts down. So don't call me tonight, unless of course, you want to be my drummer.

Get revved up with supercharged bassline heavy The Girls Can Hear Us.

The Girls Can Hear Us remix of Beach Boys - "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (Please excuse the disturbing image. It's well worth enduring because this combination of old and new is about as fun as it gets.)